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LINKS TO the wchs collection and the harding universities collection


Click the link below for the WCHS Archive to see photos and documents that have been donated to us and scanned. Most of the years of the Heritage can also be found. We hope to have the rest the Heritage's and the newsletters added in the future. 



"The major function of the society will be to discover and collect any

material that may help to establish or illustrate the history of the area."

The Constitution of White County Historical Society, White County Heritage Vol. 1980

The quote above has been interpreted many ways over the years. Today, one of the ways we put this into action is our archive! 


What will happen to those old photos you have in your closet after you're gone? What would happen if your house was destroyed by natural disaster? We understand that White County history is the compilation of all of her residents histories. Without your photos, stories, letters, documents, and heirlooms, we will miss out on a majority of White County history that can never be retrieved.


This is why we are putting a special focus on our archive. We hope that no one in White County is left wondering what will happen to their old photos, items, videos, letters, and documents.

Thankfully, Harding University's Archive has provided their services at no charge, but the remaining expenses are funded by citizens like you who want to provide a better understanding of the past and present to those in the future. Please consider donating to help the archive acquire much needed organizational and archival equipment.


Special Features of the White County Archives

Digital Preservation by Scanning


The Use of Items for Publications (Heritage, Newsletter, and other books)


Aid in History and Genealogy Research

Physical Preservation of the Original Items


The Presentation of our Collection Online for Viewing

The Donation Process

We know that if you are on this page, it is most likely that you have an interest in history. With that, it may be hard to donate the original photos, letters, documents, and items to us. Although we encourage the donation of the originals so that we can preserve them for years to come, we understand! This is why we gladly accept scanned/digitized versions of your originals. We also scan as well if you haven't already!

If you wish to donate an item or photo, you can drop them off at the Carmichael Community Center.


The Carmichael Community Center

801 S Elm St.

Searcy, Arkansas 72143


We will ask you to fill out our donation form so that we are able to label the item with your information and give you credit wherever it is used.

Public Access to The digital archive

   Harding University in Searcy has graciously allowed us to partner with their archive to provide digital access to our archive! Harding already provides online access to their archive here:

   With their partnership, we will begin posting the digital archives that we have hopefully by the end of 2020. Of course, as more items are donated, more items will be uploaded. Here is the link to our digital archive:



WCHS Meetings

WCHS Meetings

WCHS Meetings
September 23, 2013 WCHS Meeting

September 23, 2013 WCHS Meeting

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October 28, 2013 WCHS Meeting

October 28, 2013 WCHS Meeting

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January 27, 2014 WCHS Meeting

January 27, 2014 WCHS Meeting

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Yearbook Inventory

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